Dedicated resources

Kinsh Technologies, one of the leading off-shore Web Design & Development Company from India, offers “Dedicated Resources” for our clients in all the technologies that we expertise in. We have experts in “Our” team who can become a part of “Your Extended” team through our flexible and customizable “Hire Dedicated Resources” service.

Why Hire a Dedicated Resource?
  • Commitment – A Dedicated Resource is committed for your project only & hence available at your exposure as required by you.
  • Cost Saving – You save the money that you would otherwise invest on hiring, training , infrastructure & salary of an in-house resource.
  • Flexible – You have the flexibility of hiring a resource or a team only for the period of time when you have more work load or need extra help for delivering some of your projects as against hiring a new resource or a team yourself for a longer committed time period.
  • Expertise – You get an already trained Expert for your required technology so you save time & effort required in case of a newly hired resource.
  • Higher Productivity – You get a fully trained ready to use resource that adds to your productivity straightaway. Increased productivity due to time zone differences leading to virtually a resource working on your project 24 X 7.
Why kinsh?
  • Expert Team – We have a team of Expert Designers, Developers, SEO Experts & Marketers who are trained in the latest technologies & industry trends to cater to your requirements right from the word “Go”.
  • 24 X 7 Availability – Availability of “Your” chosen Dedicated Resource as per your requirements. Your resource is available to you as per your working time irrespective of your location throughout the world.
  • Efficient Communication – Direct interaction with your dedicated resource enabling “Zero” communication gaps.
  • Reporting – Daily or weekly reporting of the project as per your requirements.
  • Ready-to-use Infrastructure – Hi-quality IT infrastructure with multiple internet connections to ensure 100% service availability.
  • Pricing – Competitive Pricing with no hidden charges or Team Setup Cost.
  • Flexibility – Flexible options (Full-Time, Part-Time or Hourly Basis) so that you only spend on what you require. Minimum contract of only 1 month, so you can change or terminate your contract if required.
  • Trust – Great track record as a service provider with more than 500 Projects, 150 Happy Clients & 99% Positive Feedback. You can trust us with your job & consider it “Done”.

So, what are you waiting for!! Fill out our “Hire Dedicated Resource” Enquiry Form, let us short-list the best man for the job, you interview them, select the right resource & off we go.. “Our” Resource is now “Your” Resource.. It’s Simple As That!!