Why it becomes necessary to know about the employee you hire?

  • They will be the face of your company
  • They are the direct and indirect brand ambassadors for your company
  • Any new employee that is hired will play a big role in cultivating your company’s culture

In more than 70% of the cases, when employees switch the job they never give the real reason to leave the previous company. Same will happen when they will leave your company and switch to another one. So it becomes essential to get an honest review from the previous employer and ensure that genuine employees get a fair chance and the ones who might have left the company in unprofessional way come in the notice of the new employer.  We have purposefully placed only 3 of our best employees’ profile on the page and have not created any negativity on the page so that new employer can trust that we will continue giving honest reviews about them as we are thankful to all the genuine past employees who added value to our company’s culture and helped us grow.

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